How The Mankini Presentation Turned From Joke To Reality

In front of 1,800 people in Holland (you'll see their reaction on video in the beginning & hear their laughs as this back story is described), I shared the answer & powerful lessons to take away from how the Mankini presentation went from a joke between friends to reality that is still talked about many years later.

Yes, I actually shared the stage wearing this Borat Mankini with Bob Proctor (from the hit movie The Secret), and top marketing friends like Trey Smith (hosted the event and was him on stage with me), Andy Jenkins, Mike Koenigs, Ed Dale,  Trey & Jen Sheahan, Christian Weslak, Josh Bartlett, Jason Moffatt, Chad Mureta, Lanny & Deena Morton, Mike Filsaime, and Frank Kern.

To this day, as I travel the world speaking at other events, people still come up to me saying, “Dude! I was at that event. That was epic!”

Enjoy & Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – What lessons did you take away from this “Behind the Scenes” video?