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On my continuous journey of seeking to simplify my and my clients lives and results, I'm generally in the know about cool tools, tips, resources, and services, before the general masses.

Below are the resources, tools, and services I currently use to simplify my life and results:

  1. Membrandt – My channel (The Simplifier app) is backed by this powerful tool and company. If you have a platform/community, look into how this unique secret advantage can help you & your people. Stand out!
  2. iMac Pro (in office) – AMAZINGLY fast processing speeds (for video conversions, etc)
  3. iPhone X – Pretty much run my business/life from this device when out of office. Digging the Portrait mode for pics of Wanda and I, plus my kids love how I can send them texts with the animals whose mouths move to my voice. LOL! Yep! It's the little things. Photo quality is amazing. Get a good case, too. I go with the Tech21 Case, for protection
  4. AirPods – along with my carrying case that attaches to my belt loop, and holds my silicon attachments (which allow AirPods to stay in my ears no matter what)
  5. Nomatic Travel Bag & Back Pack – recent addition to my routine to simplify my daily commute, and travels. Best back pack available for entrepreneurs
  6. MacBook Pro – when needed for things outside of office that require typing
  7. American Express Platinum– benefits are ridiculously amazing (see FES #14, if you're like, “Yeah Tom! I'd love one, but my credit isn't the greatest currently”)
  8. AirBNB – makes trips more adventurous and enjoyable than boring hotels, in my opinion
  9. Ecamm – platform used to conduct my Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and Twitch Live Streams with many additional features (plus they also created  FaceTime & Skype Call Recorders I use to record calls with clients)
  10. Yeti Caster (mic setup) – simple, affordable way to have professional audio setup
  11. Pretty Links – quick easy way to redirect links within a WordPress blog, used for affiliate URL's and other redirect needs
  12. BJ's – Regular trips there with family has saved us a ton over the years. Gas & online purchases, too
  13. FTC Guardian – an absolute MUST for anyone conducting business online. Simplifies covering your ASSets with these necessary legal documents. HUGE sense of relief knowing this is all squared away
  14. Financial Education Services – took my credit score from poor, to decent, to amazing very quickly (by following what they told me to do), plus had me grow up and take steps to take care of my family and future, in manners I had been neglecting and putting off prior to their guidance. Have peace of mind now, after doing what was mine to do
  15. Perry Marshall's 80/20 Sales And Marketing book – Carry it with me in my back pack everywhere. Best business book of all time, IMHO. Not just me though, go check out testimonials from Dan Kennedy, Roland Frasier, Michael Gerber, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Jay Abraham, Sam Carpenter and more HERE.
  16. Mevo Pro Bundle – Incredible, portable live streaming gear. Looks like a multi-camera shoot with this powerful technology and app
  17. Tile – Have a slim one in 2 separate wallets, and 2 on different key chains. Funny part is, I never lose or misplace them now. Am ready if/when I do
  18. Smove Stabilizer – MUST HAVE for those who record selfie videos while walking
  19. Affiliate Marketing Training – My long time friends Omar & Melinda Martin are the absolute best at helping people who ask me how to begin earning commissions online in making that happen quickly and easily. Several times per week I have friends reaching out asking me if I could teach them, and I simply refer them to Omar & Melinda, knowing they are in great hands
  20. Getting RIPPED – I am currently on the path to becoming in the best shape of my life at 46 (in exactly 1 month from today, as I write this on 8/22/18), and am following my long time friend Joel Therien's guidance via his NowLifestyle program and 7-Minute Workout proven technique, while helping others become their healthiest, as well. BTW – currently down 30+ pounds in the past few months, looking lean, and now it's time to get jacked!
    To be continued… (via regular updates to this page)

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal
Founder of TheSimplifier.com

PS – Here are the accessories, tools, and equipment that is in the office tour (video replay is at bottom of this list) that wasn't mentioned above. Enjoy…

  1. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 noise cancelling headphones – have been an absolute SAVIOR on several airline flights with screaming children right next to me as I remain calm as Buddha resting and recharging, while smiling at screaming kids
  2. Trucker Headset – noise canceling microphone (I have the B350-XT) to conduct coaching calls while near loud noises (like walking down a busy street, in a car with top down, etc) and not having to hit the mute button all the time. Noise canceling mic takes away all of those noisy distractions for your clients on the other end
  3. Headphone stand – for Bose headphones and/or Beats Headphones (which haven't been in my office as kids have taken them from me)
  4. Allsop Computer Stand – for iMac Pro to sit on, which raises monitor up for better viewing, and allows keyboard and mouse to be stored under it
  5. AT&T Office Phone – like it for many reasons. Allows me to make outgoing calls from my cell #, and to answer incoming calls to my cell on it (which I do mostly via speaker phone). Also has 2 slots for charging cords in the side, has the answering machine, allows 2-lines to plug into it (you can call out from either (or your cell)), and it has the extra receiver which can connect to a headset and clip to you if needed for longer calls
  6. HP Laser Jet M402N – Perfect, fast, and doesn't rape you with toner costs
  7. Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 – Integrates seamlessly with Evernote
  8. Essentia overachieving H2O – Ionized hydration, 9.5 pH or higher, purified water. Saw several tests online at YouTube that rated this the best high pH water available. I know that you can absolutely trust everything you see online, so I got it and love it. #Joke #Truth PS – Taylor Swift was drinking it on stage last week when Wanda and I went to see her. All the validation needed, right there #LOL
  9. Hot Water Heater – which is a must for me at the office as I LOVE drinking herbal tea (mostly Yogi & Yerba Mate)
  10. Strike Force Energy Drink – created by a Navy Seal. One pump of this mixed with water on the days I'm looking to step it up
  11. Post It Easel Pad – I personally use these more than the white board as I'm left handed and can position it better flat as needed to write more clearly than on the whiteboard (somewhat) #LeftHandedChickenScratch
  12. White Board – One you see in my office is 8ft x 4ft
  13. Balance Board – Really works your body and core during normal down time. Takes practice to be able to work while on it standing up.
  14. Standing Desk – Found mine randomly one day while out shopping. Wasn't inexpensive yet I love working while standing and this has been super helpful
  15. Elite Push Up Bars – to break out a set of rotating push ups in between the action and appointments
  16. Apple Watch Series 3 Stainless Steel w Milanese Loop – I did not wear watches until the Apple Watch and I absolutely love mine. It's become such a part of my routine and use, that I almost forgot to include it as a resource I use everyday. Created a blog post and podcast audio of why I loved my Apple Watch years ago here. Enjoy it even more now.

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