Life Lessons

Dec 21, 2019 Sunrise

As we come to a close of 2019 soon, it has had me reflecting a lot more than usual. Maybe it is because it is due to it not just being the end to another year, but also the end to another decade.

On this morning walk, I began laughing out loud as I was reflecting on this past decade, the unforeseen challenges that shook my entire existence NUMEROUS times. Generally it happened each time when I felt on top of the world, then “WHAM!” out of nowhere, a life changing situational change.

How about you? Is it just me or have you experienced a few interesting, unexpected challenges this past decade? Rest easy my friend. You and I are not alone. Chaos is a part of this recipe we call life.

Cool part is, I'm still here, as are you. (I just took a sigh of relief!) Let's do it together… A deep breath in… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And a deep breath out… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Had a close friend many years ago say, “My goal is to be here next year.” Which at the time seemed like such a low bar to aim for, and was a bit ridiculous to me at that stage of my life.

Now, it makes absolute sense. With the formidable opponent and partner that life is, it continually pushes us out of our comfort zones, to continuously learn and grow.

Think about it, how boring is it to play a game over and over against someone who doesn't challenge you one bit? Sure, the 1st time we will revel in the victory, and maybe give them a second chance, but after a blow out on the second time, very few find it exciting to try for a 3rd slam dunk victory.

We LOVE the challenge of a worthy opponent. Think any professional sports athlete or team. They wouldn't be pumped about playing a high school team that they could crush easily. They want to go after the person or team that is actually favored to beat them, then show the world an underdog victory, dethroning the champion.

So are the levels of life.

Like Mario Brothers or any other video game, Level 1 is a warm up. Level 2 is significantly harder and has new challenges to overcome. Then Level 3 once again throws some seemingly “impossible” surprises and challenges your way, that you put thought and strategy into it and after failing over and over again, you FINALLY crack that code once, then fail a couple more times, then NAIL IT and beat it every time, hence moving you to Level 4, which makes Level 3 look like childs play.

So is life. A worthy guide, continually pushing us out of our comfort zones, many times unexpectedly, into each new level.

Think about the problems you were dealing with and facing 10 years ago, and the person you were then. You did the best you knew how with the knowledge and experience you had at that time.

Looking back, there may be some choices you can see which from todays perspective, with new knowledge and experience, can make you think and feel, “What was I thinking?”

You're an entirely new being today 10 years later. The old you is completely gone. What used to be fun to you, now bores or sickens you. What used to be important to you, may be absolutely ridiculous to you.

Ten years from now, this process will be the same. You will be a much wiser, mature person, who will be significantly different, personally and professionally, than you are today.

That said, I felt called to record this video, which I am going to break from writing to go record live now then post the replay afterwards here, to share some of the lessons I've not just learned this past decade, but throughout my entire life, which not only has been discussed numerous times with my children, but can live on to remind them as they go through this upcoming decade, to reflect upon, PLUS you may find some value in it, as well.

I may recap a few of the lessons shared in the video, or I may not. Will see how it unfolds.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

P.S. – Feel free to leave your comments about what stuck out for you as some of the important lessons, AND share some of your biggest lessons that you feel are worth passing on to our children and future generations.

P.P.S. – The questions you are currently asking yourself are the reason you are achieving what you are achieving. If you want better results, ask yourself better questions, which starts NOW for you HERE.

0:00 – 04:26 Read the blog post
04:27 – 05:30 Brief recap of who Tom Beal is and the setting of his life
05:31 – 05:53 Every one has their own challenges and adversities
05:54 – 09:17 Everyone is going through something. No one is immune to chaos or challenges. We would want our own shoes (problems) back if we saw everyone else’s & what they are dealing with
09:18 – 10:59 You are lovable! You are good enough! You are worthy!
11:00 – 12:11 If they can do it, I can do it, too. (With proper discernment.)
12:12 – 13:08 Happiness takes work, also. Don’t judge yourself or your progress with anyone else. Only person that is your worthy opponent is the one looking back at you in the mirror. Be a little bit better today than you were yesterday. Better your best.
13:08 – 13:42 Someone who started before you of course will be further along the path. Look at them through the lens of inspiration, not that they’re better than you
13:43 – 14:54 Find inspiration in those out there changing their trajectories, by taking the action necessary, who may be WAY older than you, or way worse than your health or wealth
14:55 – 15:09 Only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves, which come from our comfort zones
15:10 – 18:04 Todays day and age of social media and the addictiveness that entails, plus the bullying and comparing with one another leading to depression and suicide even due to the facade of social media (everything is amazing, no one has any problems)
18:05 – 21:43 Finding the proper mentor to guide you and point out how to fine tune your activities to achieve the outcome you desire, going from novice, to intermediate, to expert
21:44 – 24:05 Change is happening at such a rapid rate today, unlike any time in history. Move from fearing change to expecting it and being willing to adapt to it accordingly
24:06 – 28:37 Diving deep into the power of your belief. If you believe you can’t you’re right. Transitioning from “impossible” to “maybe it is possible for me.” What if? Guidance, attempt it, fail forward fast!
28:38 – 30:23 Figure it out on your own versus your fast pass with a guide
30:24 – 31:44 Our mind has a self regulator. You wouldn’t be able to have the idea if you weren’t capable of achieving it
31:45 – 33:17 The adversities you have experienced are a GIFT to you as they have molded you into who you are now, and all upcoming ones will be there to serve you as well
33:18 – 33:48 If you want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans. 🙂
33:49 – 34:32 This was all unplanned. Felt called to share them today with you. Hope it was helpful!
34:33 – 36:15 Regardless of how long we live, this journey is brief! Be sure to LIVE intentionally while you still can. The amusement park closes for each of us, sooner than we would think. 
36:16 – 36:35 The only things we can control on this journey
36:37 – 38:38 Lost both parents to cancer: my mom at 52 in 2007, and dad at 56 in 2009. Life is brief! Go for it! Get clear on what is yours to do. Which rides are yours to ride in this amusement park we call life.
38:39 – 39:14 My 3 drivers. No regrets! Step out of your comfort zone
39:15 – 40:12 What resonated in this video for you? What lessons do you feel I didn’t discuss today that are important to you? Leave them as comments below
40:13 – 41:39 You ready for a big plot twist in 2020 and the roaring ’20’s? Strap your seat belt on. Going to be a wild ride!