Making The Most of My JFK Delay via AMEX

American Express Platinum card
American Express Platinum card has tremendous benefits for its users

RE: Thanks to Amex Platinum lounge access

Long story short, I had a tremendous vacation in Rochester, NY. My kids and I had an absolute blast. The morning of my last day there I received a text message from JetBlue letting me know my flight had been canceled.

No worries! I call them up to see when I can reschedule, and was shocked to learn that the earliest I could get back home to FL was in 2 days. After checking alternate options of departure and arrival airports, it became clear I'd be staying two extra days in NY with my kids, and I was OK with that.

Immediately hopped on AirBNB and booked a new place to crash for these two upcoming days, plus called my rental car company (National) to extend my rental for 2 days while my daughter and I were already at the Seneca Park Zoo and looking at this super cute red panda.

As I write this, I am sitting in JetBlue Terminal 5 at JFK inside Airspace Lounge (which is free access for American Express Platinum Card Members, plus a $10 credit for any purchases of food or drink at the bar).

It is 2 days later, and my flight that was originally scheduled to leave at 5:30am left at 8:57am causing me to miss my connecting flight to Ft Lauderdale, as well as the later/last flight from here to there. That leads me to leaving JFK at 8pm to West Palm Beach and arriving at 11:15pm. Yes, a long day ahead here at JFK awaits.

The good news is that it is JFK and there's not only a lot to do and see with all of the shops (food, clothing, massage, you name it), but it also has 7 lounges available throughout various terminals to Amex Platinum Card Members, of which I plan to check out at least 3 and possibly 4.

That leads to one of the huge benefits of having an Amex Platinum Card and how I plan on making the most of not only this extended stay at JFK, but how I relax and enjoy my trips to many locations throughout the world.

This is one of the many benefits of being a Platinum Card Member. If you currently aren't one yet, go check out all of the benefits here.

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