After overcomplicating nearly every area in my life for decades, I knew there had to be a better way.

That led me on my journey to meet and learn from some of the most influential authors, thought leaders, and marketers (alive and deceased) to find the simpler, better ways.

Have since transformed every area of my life, stopped over complicating it, and have helped thousands throughout the globe do the same. Now it is time to expand these lessons and strategies with many others who know they are capable of so much more and assist them in improving their health, happiness, and wealth; simply.

Now is your time to simplify and thrive!

Who the heck is Tom Beal? This video below answers that question for you (almost 46 years summarized in minutes)…

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“My biggest Aha moment is when you shared about the exercise of talking with yourself as 20 years ago and talking with your future self 20 years from now. It’s very powerful and revealing and make you inspired to work harder for your dreams.

That was an awesome presentation that touched me. Looking forward to see you again soon”

Vitaliy Dubinin, Karmi’el, Israel

“Biggest Aha moment is to follow your instincts as you sheared your story when you left home for NY. In the end it all works out. “Get Clear on what you want & you will get it.” A big Thank you for sharing your wisdom.”

Arsenis Efram, Limassol, Cyprus

“Take any opportunity that arises e.g. mankini appearance.”

Graham Frame, Tattershall, U.K.

“Hey Tom you changed my life!! firstly thanks to god for sending you to speak at last weeks Traffic Millionaires Summit! I had so many aha moments. The biggest thing I learnt from you was to improve my relationships, health as well as the 5 success magnets that’s needed for a successful life. Ive already implemented what you taught me and I’ve seen massive changes. Thank you tom love you!”

Dhani Joshi, London, U.K.

Dhani Joshi

There are so many (Aha moments) Tom, but I think the following: (I tend to make simple things too hard sometimes) 9 words:
Tell your story
Share your results
sell your system

Sigrid McNab, Nanaimo, British Columbia

“Tom Beal was a massive inspiration when I met him at the Traffic Millionaire Summit in London. He made me realize I wasn’t playing full out in my life at the moment, that I really need to focus back on my vision, look at activities that are going to take me there and eliminate stuff that wasn’t moving me forward.If you ever get the chance to hear Tom speak or work with Tom then my only advice to you is don’t hesitate, jump at the opportunity as I know he will immediately add value to your life.”

Kylie Menz, London, U.K.


“I quit smoking the morning after hearing Tom’s presentation.”

Jo Pink-Lawrence, Chorleywood, U.K.


“My biggest Aha moment from Tom’s presentation was a personal story that he shared about a car accident that he was involved in and how he had a near death experience. I am huge fan of Tom’s work, I listen to his podcasts and I wouldn’t hesitate in attending any seminars that Tom puts out there as the value he gives out is absolutely outstanding.”

Paulo Barroso, London, U.K.

“Having generated hundreds of thousands online in the home business space, I’ve seen my share of “internet experts”. Tom Beal is the real deal. He has a way of connecting with you that I have rarely seen from people that I meet in person. He mixes humor and a direct approach that has you leaving with an unbelievably warm feeling. I highly recommend that you follow Tom Beal and do what he teaches you to do. You life will be transformed for the better by listening to this real internet expert, who is also an amazing human being!”

Tiji Thomas, Sugar Land, TX


“I was present at the event you recently spoke at. I must admit you were not known to me, but i was blown away by your story and you tales from your past, present and for the future you have planned for yourself. There were so many pieces of information that resonated with me, i made copious notes and listened fascinated by your achievements to date. I loved the the story about you telling yourself at 20 and 60 to buck you ideas up, step up to the plate and get things done. Brilliant. I look forward to following you in the future. On Monday evening 23rd November i helped to present a Google hangout with my sponsors Chris and Susan Beesley and you name and quotes were mentioned by all of us, we were all impressed by you talk.”

Paul Dixon, London, U.K.


Hey Tom it was truly a pleasure to meet you at the weekend your presentation was amazing and I had several aha moments. I think the triangles of health, finance, and emotion are out of balance and there is not enough fun in life! Susan Stokes

Susan Stokes, Paris, France


“Really appreciated your presentation, you caught me from the first minute…. I drank a lot of water that day and had to go to the toilet so badly, but didn’t want to miss a second of this….I really enjoyed you up on stage, talking about the 5 step success magnet system and the trinity success method. The most touching story was your near-death experience.”

Fabian Anliker, Aarau, Switzerland


“When Tom told his rice bowl story and the moment he was lying in a field, not going to repeat his story, its for Tom to tell but I had shivers and hair standing on my arms and neck, and I could relate as something similar happened to me 10 years ago, Tom is the REAL DEAL and anyone connecting with him is in great hands, and thanks 4 the PEN again Tom, TO ME, the pen story is like your rice bowl story ;-) I know people don’t have a clue what I am on about but that is ok. Thanks Tom, I learned a lot and look forward to following your words of wisdom, appreciate you mate.”

Brian Michael, London, U.K.


“Tom gave a very informative and inspiring presentation! Resourcefulness always triumphs resources! He covered the aspects of our needs and to work out of your comfort zone. Nothing good happens in your comfort zone. When working toward your goals, you need to get clear on what you want. Awesome presentation!!”

Shauna Hewitt, Newport News VA



Video Testimonial from Gus Sevilla

Video Testimonial from Steve Brossman

Video Testimonial from Clay Cutts

The following testimonials are unsolicited update from a private Facebook Group, all posts used here are with the permission of the author.

“I just finished listening the morning second day message and I feel like a different person. My attitude is changing, many thanks Tom and the rest of the group.”

Nestor Kuilan

“Day 2 – List prioritized and I am raring to go. Yesterday was a great day with completing one task which I kept putting off because I thought it would be harder than it was. I am so impressed with the push the 60 Day Success Bootcamp has given me. Hey, I might even finish all I want to achieve in the 60 days, in 40, at this rate.”

“Just completed Day 2 and feel I want to pinch myself for achieving so much today. Night all”

AnnMarie Callan

“Day 6 PM Wow. It’s amazing how timely some of these rally calls have been for me. This one about worrying was perfect for me, and not worrying is something I’ve been working on recently.”

Danny Gardner

“Day 1 Complete! Thank you Tom for your words of wisdom, got me thinking now…look forward to day 2.”

“Just completed day 2 and must say I feel more confident about myself and my plans for some reason. Thanks Tom”

Nenad Todorovic

“I just completed the first week of the 60-Day Success Bootcamp…already I’m feeling the burn. Tom’s twice-daily audios of practical, actionable epistles to enhanced success snapped me to attention. His urgent call to arms prompted me to get busy. In fact, I practically leapt out of my comfort zone, ignored my self-sabotaging demons, and completed a project…one I had flirted with for weeks…in ONE DAY! Thank you Tom for being my point man on this mission.”

Alan Steacy

“If you’re seeing this testimonial – then you have been lucky enough to have been offered a LIFE-CHANGING opportunity to work hand in hand with Tom Beal.

Listen before you read what I have to say, I want to make one thing clear…

I’m not a ‘guru fanboy’ who goes through and leaves glowing feedback on every product they release… and if I don’t like something, I won’t review it, period.

However, I’ve had the AMAZING privilege of being able to not only call Tom my mentor and life coach, but my FRIEND. I truly believe with all my heart that with his backing, the sky is the limit and I KNOW that he would do anything he could to help my dreams become a reality.

Unlike many other mentors who will charge you multiple thousands of dollars to throw you into some membership area – Tom is like putty with an amazing ability to mould into whatever shape you NEED him to be. He has personally helped me with my business needs, my relationships with people AND has given me a huge kick up the backside to help me get my health on track.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in.
It doesn’t matter how unfit you are.
It doesn’t even matter if you’re ‘that guy’ that everyone laughs at because one of your ears is a funny shape (true story.)


Even on our first hours Skype call – Tom had managed to break down my entire life story and tell me EXACTLY what mistakes I had made, and how to fix them quickly and change my mindset and my attitude towards my life and my business for the better.

Not only that, but Tom knows EVERYONE. Some of the stories he tells are quite extraordinary and just by knowing him, you’ll instantly be able to unlock the gates to be able to get in contact and work with some AMAZING marketers.

Tom’s personality and way of life is contagious like a disease… but in a good way…

But seriously… Tom is one of those rare breeds of people that actually WANTS to help people and If you can dream it, with Tom’s help you CAN achieve it!

Andrew B.

PS – On a Personal Note: You, Tom, are single handedly changing the way I live my life and helping me not only become a better businessman, but a better person… and for that – I’ll be forever grateful, mate.”